Marmot vs. Mammoth

by Marmot vs. Mammoth

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Feel Good Protest Song You want to gather them up by their lies & stick them in cages? The law says you can't up-rise, you speak your mind and you are suspect. What fear made us want this? What fear made us need this? We voted ourselves benign & threw ourselves on their leashes God damn the when and how keeps coming around. I'll be damned, every time we shoot it down. Who the hell dreams up this shit? Aint that a son of a bitch? The big bad wolf don't need a disguise, we're sound asleep & complacent. Lulled past the need for little white lies, they're hardly white they're blatant. We're splitting hairs with what's going on. half the time we get it wrong. they herd us up & we move along. Another worthless, toothless protest song. Humanitarian talkie talk. It makes me sick to hear you balk. No golden spoon yet a privileged son You're full of worthless, toothless protest songs.
Con Man Romeo She gave it up to a con man romeo, two times in a row. He knocked her up before he got locked up, now he's out on parole. Third times a charm. And she believes the lie. Now shes home, alone, with two kids- she ask her mama, why? I hate to say he's gone but being gone is all he's really good at. Southbound heads our con man romeo, skipping out on parole. They nabbed his ass for smashing glass, now he's back in the hole. Waiting for change? Won't come. He'll wait forever. Just biting the hand that feeds, one day they'll sever. You call that living to your own accord? Well, cut the cord because living to your own accord, you can't afford. You got your hand out & you're taking's always more. You got a nipple in that mouth of yours. Your own accord? I hate to say he's gone but being gone is all he's really good at. Anchor dropped. Gone fishing for an easy dream. At times he feels so alone. Guys like that are easy pray for a baby tree. Dry dock hangs his boat. I see the faith in what I do, I see my faith with eyes on you. Have you ever seen the faith in what you do? I see the faith in what I do, I save my faith the likes of you.
Clean 03:23
Clean I know you are out there hearing this but are you listening? Everyday we see the signs, I trust one day we'll learn to read. I took a look but stood aside of it, until I saw it clean. I still the tongue that justifies & started breathing clean.
5/4dor 06:06
5/4dor I see me clear & stilled, in the shadow I cast across the ground. Don't mind me here, standing in this fleshy mass of happenstance. And I. I see you more now. And I. I feel you more now. Still & clear this fleshy mass of happenstance. Still it on the inside & live it on the outside. Yellow tops the blue of mid-white. From spark through smoke, of air.
The Jenkem Scare of 2007 It’s a shame to see them go on that way, them broken souls. Just drifting through their days..afraid...on a raft of blame. It's a shame to hear them go on that way, them broken souls. Lying through their teeth, from top, a soapbox of blame. It's a shame they really feel that way, them broken souls. Sad & a bit insane the way they cling to blame. The blood on your (my) hands the blood in your (my) veins the blood on your (my) teeth... what's hidden in your (my) shame? it's one in the same. Before you get too full of yourself.. Before you put me on a shelf.. Before you aim to wipe out what makes you so afraid.. It's one and the same.
Migalooch (Ark of the Tacovenant) Migalooch give a call- every other Sunday, To shoot the shit & bust some balls... this way we know we're not dead. I see him, behind my eyes. Migalooch you never call- Pop I'm standing right here. He looked me right in the eyes and asked if he was dead. I see him behind my eyes I feel him in my stance. It's down to me, if I'm going to get along. Hoping won't see the better parts of me adorn another day since being born... From a man Same print of hand Behind my eyes In my stance.
Fleeing to Expire Alright I might, I just might... what the fuck do you got to lose man? Paying your bills. Show up on time. Mow the lawn. Ideal citizen. Pay them taxes. Pay your dues. Smile. Mind your mouth. Mind the rules. Smile. Fleeing to expire. Wake up, wake up. Wake the fuck up. What are you going to do man just daydream your dreams away? You’re always walking around, just laying around in a haze of indifference. Wake up? To what? Fleeing to expire. Freedom, I fear freedom. I fear freedom might rip this routine from my hands. I fear freedom might blow this roof right off my house. What I got to do I can do tomorrow but tomorrow always repeats today. Yeah. Freedom? I fear freedom.
The Shit Some Say Brother only sees things one way, through a narrow pane. Talking me full of his insane. Such a bad plague. Brother's so full of say so, but what does he know? shit ain't true because you fear so. But what do I know? Half the time I'm tangled in my own damn fishing line. Pop hauled it all on a broke back. Mama’s little set backs. My brother never gave a crap. I gots all three of that. Mama pays no mind to what you say. She's built her own cage. Lives in her fairy tale- dream way. Yet she still complains. Mother’s so full of say so, but what does she know? Shit ain't true because you wish so. But what do I know? Half the time I'm tangled in my own damn fishing line. Pop hauled it all on a broke back. Mamas little set backs. My brother never gave a crap. I gots all three of that. Tuck tail & out of sight, when it comes to fight or flight. DNA has a way of showing what you hide away. Anybody hearing what we say? It's fucking insane. The shit we're serving up these days. You know there comes a day. To make our bed & lay in our say so, the one that we wrote. Shit ain't true because you say so.. Its because you lived so.
The Truth of the Lie I've tried but I just can't decide, do I want to live the truth or the lie? The truth keeps me sharping my my teeth on the bone but they say the squeaky toy comes with a good home. I've tried but I just can't decide, do I want to love the truth or the lie? The truth will justify me right out of your bed but the lie buys me time that someday we'll be fine. I've tried but I just can't decide do I want to bleed the truth or the lie? The truth has me bleeding out dead on the floor but the lie’s life line has a future in mind. Don’t kill the worst in me, you’ll kill the best in me.


Marmot vs. Mammoth (MvsM) is a band that wears its influences
proudly, though those influences are broad and expertly melded,
and you may not initially recognize them. Imagine the rosters of
stalwart 90s labels Touch & Go, Dischord, and Swami. Toss in
some post-metal and hardcore, followed by AC/DC and Black
Sabbath. Oh, and The Meters, too. What results is a post-punk
Fugazi/Shellac-like precision mixed with more expansive metal-style
arrangements, topped with angry early punk vocals that rage
against The Man and societal ills.

This melding is not forced. It is the product of many years spent
playing together in many bands, and shared musical passions.
Chris Pierson (bass) and Jon Kilian (drums) have known each other
for 30 years, since they met in 2nd Grade in Akron, Ohio. Aaron
Semer (guitar) has known them for almost 20, since their freshman
dorm at Ohio University. Throughout this time, various musical
projects have come and gone in both Ohio and Seattle, in various
formations, with various other people. But it kept coming back to
the core of Pierson, Kilian, and Semer, three men who grew up
together and vastly expanded and influenced one-another's musical
tastes and playing. It is only natural they eventually formed MvsM.

After trying a couple different singers and formations, Michael
Serpe (vocals) forced his way into the band after witnessing a very
early performance of MvsM and insisting he was the missing
element. Turns out he was right. Serpe's lyrics and wild, unhinged,
live performances brought just the right element of chaos to the
churning rhythmic precision of the MvsM sound.


released June 30, 2015

MvsM is:
Jonathan Kilian - drums
J. Christopher Pierson - bass, backing vocals
Aaron Semer - guitar, backing vocals
Michael Serpe - vocals

Recorded at The Kill Room, Seattle, WA by Greedy Greg Williamson
Mixed by Aaron Semer, Michael Serpe, and Greedy Greg Williamson
Mastered at WaveBurner, Port Clinton, OH by Dalton Brand
Vinyl cut and manufactured at Musicol, Columbus, OH

All songs written by Marmot vs. Mammoth
Lyrics by Michael Serpe
(c) 2015 Marmot vs. Mammoth, BMI

Layout and Design by Michael Serpe/Heathen Call
MvsM Logo by Brendan Condit


all rights reserved



Marmot vs. Mammoth Seattle, Washington

We like the early 90s, Touch & Go, Dischord, Swami, and authors with R.R. in the middle of their names.

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